Yajna Yoga Perth provides classes and one-on-one instruction to people wishing to learn Hatha Yoga

Welcome to Yajna Yoga

Yajna Yoga, located at Scarborough Tennis Academy, is a welcoming space dedicated to the sincere practice of the science of Yoga.

We provide classes and one-on-one instruction to people wishing to learn Hatha Yoga and Bakti Mantra Yoga or Traditional Yoga Therapy with an Ayurvedic and Siddha Medical Science approach. We also provide Qi Gong classes.

Yogic discipline over the physical and mental body is a direct path to Soul or higher conscious awareness. This happens through a scientific matrix of poses, meditation, pranayama and pratyahara or withdrawing the mind from external forces and directing it toward the Soul and energy point system within the body.

Practicing a traditional structure of Asana, resulting in balancing and healing of the Physical/Elemental or Dis-ease system.

Our classes are structured to suit all levels of ability.

We welcome you to join our Yoga & Meditation classes, our Yoga & Qi Gong class and our spiritual community.

If you are thinking of trying Yoga for the first time – you are most welcome!

Jullan has been teaching Yoga for 26 Years, with over 30 years of Yogic and Vedic study. As an Ayurvedic practitioner and Yoga therapist, you can rest assured you are in safe hands when practicing the science of Yoga.

Asanas are described and prescribed on the Ayurvedic medical model.

Beginners Yoga With Jullan - Wednesday 6 - 7.15 PM

New Class - Women Only Class - Saturday 9 - 10.30 AM - Please see class description.