Join Yajna Yoga classes including Healing Vedic Practice, Focused Energy Medicine Moves, and Healing Meditation / Pranayama.

Yoga Class Descriptions

Yoga Elemental Practice and Restorative Yoga Practice

The Yoga Elemental practice and Restorative Yoga practice are suitable for all Levels.  In these classes, we draw upon Yogic, Siddha and Ayurvedic science, with a culmination of 25 Years of teaching experience and over 30 years of study. By the technical practice of Mantra, Pranayama, Asana, Pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses), etc…and awareness of the energy body system and primary energy, the student will feel a difference after just one class. The structure of Asana helps alleviate the overactive elements in the Physical body. Emphasis is laid on pranayama and conscious awareness within the posture. By applying the mind to the breath and directing it into the body and into particular parts and energy points, this application will create heat and in turn supercharged energy, which will cleanse the energy channels and the corresponding physical parts. This Vedic and Spiritually scientific practice bestows a healthier balance in the Physical / Elemental or dis-ease system. Resulting in a light and renewed vibration of life force and evident in a new current state of Prakriti or new still state of being, of mind and body post-practice.


In the Beginner Yoga Class the student will be introduced to Hatha Yoga, Asana, Pranayama, Mantra, Mudra, Pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses) etc.. With Jullan’s vast knowledge and experience, the Beginner students may rest assured they are in safe hands when it comes to practicing the science of Yoga.

Yajna Yoga class preparation for online zoom calls required specific props to help you to achieve the best result.

Restorative Yoga & Qi Gong & Online Restorative Yoga & Qi Gong Practice

Qi Gong… is a wonderful practice for maintaining ongoing health and wellbeing and a practice of renewing mental and physical energy and an unobstructed subtle energy flow.  It is a beneficial and suitable practice for many ailments of which some are listed below.  The practice involves slower forms of movement to optimise healing energy within the body and mind and by breath regulation, the mind is stilled and the brain passive, the body is nourished and the energy revived.  I am delighted to offer this healing practice as an additional form of natural therapy to everybody… All levels of ability are welcome and especially to those with ailments physical or mental or who are currently recovering from hip, knee, shoulder surgery etc..Or for the body that is tight with general fatigue and body aches from normal daily life tensions, who’s preference is a slower more steady form of movement.

The Restorative Qi Gong and Live Online Restorative Yoga and Qi Gong practice are suitable for the beginner student and experienced student. Structured forms of movement which are related to our energy field and physical systems and focused on the re-aligning of our energies. This helps us to clear out blockages from the subtle system and sore body parts and assist in keeping the rhythms of our energies in accordance with the rhythms of nature.

The practice will assist with the following and more..
Joint and Bone ailments – Toxic matter – Stale Energy – Mental blocks
Musculoskeletal pain or injury – Tears – Fractures – Breaks
Lumbar Back Problems
Joint Bursa Ruptures
High Blood Pressure
Lung Function
Cognition and Memory
Mental Health
Heart Disease
Substance use Disorders
Managing Cancer Symptoms
Stress and Anxiety
Eating Disorders etc…

Soul Mantra Meditation / Pranayama

The Healing Meditation Practice is open to everyone.

Mantras are keys to connecting and embodying the aspect of God’s consciousness exemplified by a particular diety. They can be spoken aloud, quietly, sung or recited mentally. Healing begins from within and once we observe the effects of mantra meditation, we will begin to understand Mantra Yoga is a very powerful tool.

The dissolving of emotion, the healing of emotion happens through the art of meditation and pranayama. Meditation with an Ayurvedic and Siddha medical science approach. Through healing mantras, pranayama, and meditation techniques, the healing meditation practice supports an overall feeling of wellness, wholeness with happiness arising from the acknowledgment of self.

These meditative practices create an opening in the important, medium, and vital life centres in the body. Energies become synchronised, the mind is calm, the Soul is happily aware, allowing its primary energy and light to bliss out the cellular body. This practice results in an extraordinary balance in consciousness, bestowing health and harmony between body and mind.

In the old tradition of meditation, there are many varieties of different techniques – some use the power of sound, others use visual objects or pranayama. The common aim of these techniques is to focus the scattered rays of mind to a one-pointed position.

The technique that I most recommend for long-term practice is Japa or the repetition of a Mantra.

The heart region (Anahata chakra) and the third eye (Agni chakra) are good points of focus for meditation to control the subconscious mind, instincts, deep-seated emotions and to aid in Pratyahara or internalisation of mind.

Shifting one’s attention from head to heart is also a good method of Pratyahara, for overcoming anxiety and agitation of mind. Agni means order, this centre of awareness brings order in the body, mind, and consciousness. With practice, it steadies the fluctuations of thoughts, induces a profound sense of inner peace, and allows one to witness the flame of inner awareness.

The Indian mystic and poet Kabir, described this flame as Atma Jyotis, the light of the Soul.

Romancing the Divine Soul

Love your mantra and remember it slowly and gently and it will take you to the soundless state beyond the body, breath and mind.

Swami Rama of the Himalayas

Such as the Vedic Practice at Yajna Yoga.


Class preparation before a Yajna Yoga class is incredibly important to ensure a calm and relaxing experience.