About Jullan

Jullan has been studying the science of Yoga since 1992. She first experienced Yoga at Patabi Jois’s school in Mysore, India, 1988.

She has trained in Iyengar, Ashtanga and Bhakti forms of Yoga with respected Teachers and Gurus between India and Australia.

Jullan holds qualifications in physical education, Yoga therapy, Ayurvedic and Siddha Science and is also a qualified Qi Gong teacher.

Jullan began teaching physical education over thirty years ago and has been dedicated to teaching the science of Yoga for 26 years.

She is the founder of Yajna Yoga in Doubleview Perth, which she established in 2003.

Having a childhood background in gymnastics, Jullan’s lifetime love is in physical movement. Through the practice of Yoga and meditation, this love made a natural transition into Soul movement. In her experience, the science of Yoga is about being aware of self from moment to moment or being aware of all that is not Soul.

Jullan’s emphasis as a teacher is Vedanta or Self Knowledge, accessing higher conscious awareness and body biomechanics (balancing energies all over the body), through conscious breathing and movement with awareness of the energy point system. Jullan’s objective as a teacher is to guide the student to a new state of “Prakritti” or a new healing still state of being!

The light in my heart continues to expand, as I continue to unconditionally love all aspects of myself, my life and my beloved creator.

About Yajna Yoga

In Sanskrit the word Yajna means Worship, a beautiful word in both languages.

This beautiful word Yajna, evaluates the purpose of practicing Yoga, worshiping the divine within yourself, or more effectively, the divine worshiping himself within you. 

Yanja Yoga was established in Doubleview Perth 2003 and for many local people practice has become a lifestyle and a place of meditation and peace.

In October 2022 Yajna Yoga relocated to Deanmore Road, Scarborough.

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