Preparing for Practice

  • Wear comfortable clothing.
  • Do not eat for two hours before practice.
  • Do not eat a heavy meal for three hours before practice.
  • Do not drink any fluid for one hour before practice.
  • Food and drink may be taken 30 minutes after practice.
  • The bladder should be emptied and the bowels evacuated before practice.
  • As we share equipment personal hygiene is important, owning your mat is recommended.
  • No undue strain should be felt in the facial muscles, ears, and eyes or in breathing during practice.
  • Ladies, please advise your teacher if you are menstruating.
  • Please advise your teacher of any injuries or health problems prior to starting class.
  • All mats and props are provided by the studio.
  • The qualities demanded from an aspirant are discipline, faith, tenacity and perseverance to practice regularly without interruptions.

Online Class Preparation

  • Mat
  • Towel
  • Firm Cushion
  • Chair
  • Blanket if required